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    Slow Sharepoint List opening 1st time with access

    I have an Access DB with linked sharepoint lists. DB runs well, lists are not very big, not a lot of columns... Some days, and some times through out the day, on opening a table for the 1st time after opening the database, it takes a long time to open. But, the 2nd opening is quick.

    On start of the Access DB, with VB, I query an 'Admin' linked table (sharepoint List) with users and compare them to Environ("USERNAME") - this will define the user as an admin or not if they are on the 'list'. This table (right now is 4 lines long and has 4 columns. Some days it only take a couple seconds... Some days it takes 20 sec!

    Seems to me that upon opening the database and making that first request to a sharepoint list - it takes a long time. But the subsequent pings to the table are quick. Sorta like the 1st time opening a table the system needs to find it, but the 2nd time it remembers where it is>>

    Any ideas? Is it a caching thing? Can't be. The table described above only has 4x4 = 16 elements. Some days, it does run very quickly from opening.

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    First, when you say you moved the tables to SharePoint, do you have an on-premises SharePoint site, or is this an Office 365 SharePoint site? If the former, what kind of performance do you get with your network otherwise? Is it simply a factor of network connectivity, in other words? I doubt that, but it's something to consider. Of course, if it's a remote SharePoint site on O365, that's always going to be a consideration.

    Second, did you make sure that all indexes on your local tables were also defined on the SharePoint lists (i.e. tables)? Did you enable the relationships on your SharePoint tables using the Lookup method? I otherwise dislike Lookup fields in tables, but they are required in this situation,

    Third, did you enable caching in your accdb? One of the key factors in performance with SharePoint is that you can enable local caching so that the accdb is using those cached tables as much as possible, greatly enhancing performance.

    Fourth, how "heavy" are the forms in question? Lots of subforms, listboxes and combo boxes? Those tend to have a serious impact on performance when using remote tables (SharePoint lists).

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    There is a 'known issue' with SharePoint's initial load. SharePoint runs on the .Net framework on IIS, which goes to sleep by itself, or in your case an IISRESET restarts all the services.

    Though the IIS services are running, nothing is going on until that first request is made to the website. At that moment, the .Net Framework has to compile all of the DLLs that comprises SharePoint and its features. So the initial load will take a long time, and the more services/features you're using (User Profile, Metadata, etc), the longer it'll feel as it all wakes up.

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