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    can anybody explain dirty event to me?

    i read this webpage but i still dont really understand what its purpose is. can anybody explain "dirty" to me in simple terms that a noob like me can understand? is it something that is necessary to have in my app?

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    My understanding (which could be wrong haha) is this:

    Since access doesn't "save" any changes until you go to a different record, press refresh, or close the form. Any changes the user makes "dirties" the form, but that change isn't actually transferred to the table until one of the above conditions is met.

    This allows you to make an undo button (as seen in the example on that site) because you can access what a controls current value is (if a user changed it) with the .Value property and you can access the old value (before the user changed it) with the .OldValue property.

    So no, unless you want to do something with reverting changes you don't need to use it on your forms, though it can be handy for the user depending one what kind of use your form is getting.

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    105 not certain i need it, but we'll see...thanks for the reply!

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    To add to the comments of trb5016, having "Dirty" in your application is not a choice. It is there IF you want to use it. It is both a Property and Event of forms that can be handy at times. Ignoring it will not cause you any problems.
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