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    Question Populate Values if Match to Date

    Assume a database with 2 tables.

    Table A - contains daily values for every date of the year.
    Table B - contains periodic values on certain days of the year.

    The two tables are joined by a productID.

    I would like to show daily data (from TableA), and include a value from TableB for the appropriate date. For the dates where no value exists in table B, show blank "" or zero 0.

    Currently, my query will repeat the value from TableB for each date of TableA (even though it doesn't actually exist for that date).
    If I join by date and Product ID, then it only display where the data exists in both tables; so only data from TableA for the dates that also have data in TableB.

    How can I do this so it does not limit my records nor repeat the value where it actually doesn't exist? Thanks

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    The query must be outer join (LEFT or RIGHT) not inner - "Show all records from Table A and only those from Table B that match"

    Join on both ProductID and date fields - compound join.
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    Thanks, that's definitely it. Completely forgot about the join types. If you don't use it, you lose it!

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