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    Setting combo box properties

    I am trying to set a combo box row source with a query and define the bound coulmn to column 1. I cannot seem to make the code work. could someone please provide some guidance. I have supplied the "on click" event procedure for the button to open the form. I believe the bound column defaults to "1" but I am not sure if I need to set it with code to 1.

    DoCmd.OpenForm "frmCarneysPointSafetyValveData", acNormal
    DoCmd.ApplyFilter , "Plantnumber = '872'"
    forms!frmcarneyspointsafetyvalvedata!combo107.rows ourcetype = "SELECT qrySafetyValveFilter.Tag FROM qrySafetyValveFilter WHERE (((qrySafetyValveFilter.PlantNumber)="872")) ORDER BY qrySafetyValveFilter.Tag;"
    DoCmd.Close acForm, "FrmCarneysPointPlantInformationPage"


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    Re: Setting combo box properties

    Quote Originally Posted by rathfam4
    I am trying to set a combo box row source with a query
    have you tried creating and saving a query and simply making the rowsource = qryYourQueryName?

    btw: i think it's rowsource not rowsourcetype in your code. try opening the form and setting the rowsource of your combobox to a query.

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