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    EmailDatabaseObject Help

    Hi, I can't understand why the EmailDatabaseObject macro below works for me but not for other users. The macro successfully opens Outlook, addresses it correctly and applies the subject correctly. It does not try to create and attach an object (which is my intent). However, when the same macro is run by another user, it wants to attach an object and will not go to Outlook without an object being created. Below is the macro...and help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    the macros need enabled for each user.
    File, options, trust center, trust center settings, macro settings, ENABLE ALL MACROS
    everyone would have to have the exact same version of Outlook. If not, it could be missing in the reference:

    if you look in vbe, (alt-f11), tools, references,
    make sure there is no MISSING items checked.
    and that OUTLOOK x.x object library is checked

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    Thank you...unfortunately it didn't work. However, I think I found the problem.
    I installed a 32 bit version of Office 365 on my machine (default value from Office 2013)...but then instructed to have my design team install 64 bit upgrade...unaware of the issues the 64 bit version is having.

    Now it seems that only 32 bit office installs work correctly. I even had a 64 bit machine save the file and the EmailObjectDatabase macro still looks for an object so that didn't work.

    So now I have to decide whether to have my team go back to a 32 bit install or try to create VBA code that will work in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions??? if that's even possible.

    If anyone can give me a simple VBA solution for the macro types attached it would be appreciated.

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    You can convert these to VBA:

    In the top left of the window it says "Convert Macro to Visual Basic".

    Sometimes this seems to be grayed out. Here is the solution:
    "The solution I found was, rather than loading the form in Design View,
    I clicked the Macro button under Create on the Ribbon which brought up
    the Macro Design window. Under the Action Catalog window, there is a
    section called "In this Database." I clicked down to the form and
    textbox which contained the macro I wanted to convert, then double-
    clicked. The macro displayed in the left hand window and the "Convert
    Macro's to Visual Basic", was not grayed out so I clicked it and the
    conversion was simple after that."

    You will see that the VBA code follows the macro and you can easily see what is going on, it will all feel very similar to you.

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    If you were declaring API function I would suggest you research PtrSafe but since you are not, I am at a loss as to why the code behaves differently. Frankly, suggest you install 32-bit Access.
    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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