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    Talking Logged On? How to show who's Logged On...

    I'm trying to get the following code to work in a multi user environment and with a split database.

    Any good programmers out there have a min to help me?

    I think it's just the first part that needs tweaking to point to the backend on the network drive?

    Location of backend = "\\\Public\Database\Atlas v2_BE"

    Many thx in advance!!!

    Private Function WhosOn() As String
       On Error GoTo Err_WhosOn
       Dim iLDBFile As Integer, iStart As Integer
       Dim iLOF As Integer, i As Integer
       Dim sPath As String, x As String
       Dim sLogStr As String, sLogins As String
       Dim sMach As String, sUser As String
       Dim rUser As UserRec   ' Defined in General
       Dim dbCurrent As Database
       ' Get Path of current database. Should substitute this code
       ' for an attached table path in a multi-user environment.
       Set dbCurrent = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).Databases(0)
       sPath = dbCurrent.Name
       ' Iterate thru dbCurrent.LDB file for login names.
       sPath = Left(sPath, InStr(1, sPath, ".")) + "LDB"
       ' Test for valid file, else Error
       x = Dir(sPath)
       iStart = 1
       iLDBFile = FreeFile
       Open sPath For Binary Access Read Shared As iLDBFile
       iLOF = LOF(iLDBFile)
       Do While Not EOF(iLDBFile)
          Get iLDBFile, , rUser
          With rUser
             i = 1
             sMach = ""
             While .bMach(i) <> 0
                sMach = sMach & Chr(.bMach(i))
                i = i + 1
             i = 1
             sUser = ""
             While .bUser(i) <> 0
                sUser = sUser & Chr(.bUser(i))
                i = i + 1
          End With
          sLogStr = sMach & " -- " & sUser
          If InStr(sLogins, sLogStr) = 0 Then
             sLogins = sLogins & sLogStr & ";"
          End If
          iStart = iStart + 64   'increment to next record offset
       Close iLDBFile
       WhosOn = sLogins
       Set dbCurrent = Nothing
       Exit Function
       If Err = 68 Then
          MsgBox "Couldn't populate the list", 48, "No LDB File"
          MsgBox "Error: " & Err.Number & vbCrLf & Err.Description
          Close iLDBFile
       End If
       Resume Exit_WhosOn
    End Function

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    Watch this free video from Steve Bishop re User logins/logouts. He has other free videos that you might find useful.
    Since you mention who is logged on, I'm thinking you have a multi-user/split database situation.

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    First point is that the code is only for old MDB files with an LDB lock file
    It won't work on an ACCDB file with an LACCDB lock file

    I haven't looked at the code beyond that.
    However, I have a working example for both ACCDB & MDB files here:
    See post #2 for the latest version
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    If this is important, then don't rely on a file that might not get removed from the network for any one of several reasons (and there are a few). If it's not important, don't bother with the login at all. The obvious conclusion then, is that if you're going to have a logged in count, use a process that reads a table in a back end db.

    There is a comment in the code after the declarations that makes me think your db is split, but everyone's using the same fe.
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