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    MS Access VBA Me.RecordSource report will not save


    I have a report in Access 2016 and a button in the report that will change the record source. i have that working, but what I want it to do next is save the new record source in that report?
    -------------------------------------------------- Private Sub btnComplete_Click()

    Me.RecordSource = "qry_01i_Status_Complete_Filter"

    Me.btnPending.Visible = True
    Me.btnAll.Visible = False
    Me.btnComplete.Visible = False

    DoCmd.Save acReport, "rpt_TEMPLATE_STATUS"

    End Sub

    -------------------------------------------------- when i close and re open the report is does not keep the change? Hope someone can help?

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    you have to begin with an edit...

        DoCmd.OpenReport vRpt, acViewDesign
           Set rpt = Reports(vRpt)
           rpt.Printer = vPtr
          rpt.RecordSource = "qry_01i_Status_Complete_Filter"
        DoCmd.Close acReport, rpt.Name, acSaveYes

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