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    Open a Specific Form with a Combobox

    I have a form (frmProjects) that has a combobox (cboJobStatus) that selects a status for each job in the system. The combobox selects from its own table (tblJobStatus) and has two fields - (JStatusID) is an AutoNumber PK and (Status) which has a listing of options (Close Out, Install, Design, etc).

    I would like to have it set up so that when someone chooses "Close Out" (corresponding PK is 8) - a form will pop up that the user needs to fill out in order to close the project out. However, the additional fields (if selected) should just act normally by inputting the project status.

    I am a newer user to Access - I used it about 10 years ago - and am now trying to get caught back up!

    Thank you for any advice you may have!

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    make a table for the options in the combo
    Close Out, frmCloseOutForm
    Begin, frmBeginNew

    set the bound col = 2
    set the col widths 1;0 the user only sees CLOSE OUT,
    click a button to 'open'

    docmd.openform cboStatus

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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