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    How to us count using TEXT in form

    I have a form made based on the below

    ID Email Customer Supplier Customer Name Customer Position Company Date Received Email Status Staff Name Int/Ext Telephone No Mobile No Text150


    30-Nov-2017 Inactive External


    30-Nov-2017 Inactive External


    Inactive External


    Inactive External

    3 Customer

    30-Nov-2017 Inactive External

    2197 Customer

    Active External

    6079 Customer Jeon Asst Manager Daewoo 14-Jan-2018 Active External

    Email status, Int/Ext and Customer Supplier are all dropdown.

    I want to count how many is inactive, active, external, internal, customer and supplier (all different boxes)

    my formula is as shown:


    this shows a #ERROR

    Where is the error on this when i followed almost the same formula and it works on their project.

    any assistance and explanation is greatly appreciated.


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    Firstly the / in the field name is not a good idea, I would change it. In fact spaces and special characters are a pain and should be avoided at all costs.
    Secondly use a DCount() to get this

    DCount("[Email Status]","YourTableName","[Email Status] = 'Active'")
    Obviously you may need additional criteria to get the correct result.
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