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    2007 Access to 2016 Access

    I am trying to move a database with files linked to it to a new computer and a new version of Access. When I copy it over the information is there however when i try and open the linked data it gives me an error. I have moved the folders with the linked data in it as well.
    How can i move the compete database with connected files to a new computer.
    The computers are connected by a network.
    Thank you

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    you didn't say what the error was. (network rights error, connection error, database link error)
    everything should port over to the new access, its very backwards compatible.
    What MAY be the problem is your links. If you are linked to network BE of access and used drive letters in the path then that may be it.
    Never use drive letters: F:\folder1\folder2\acccess.db

    always use the full UNC path:

    The way if the user doesn't have the drive letter mapped it will still work with UNC paths.

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    Thank you for your reply, the error states that the specified path does not exist.

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    Following on from Ranman's comment, drive letters should never be used as the letter used for the same drive may vary from one computer to another.
    e.g. drive N on one machine might be drive G on another
    That would give the error "the specified path does not exist"

    Using the full UNC path should always work as that cannot change

    I would also suggest you check there are no VBA references marked as MISSING
    Some VBA references are version specific.
    Although these usually upgrade successfully, I've had issues with external references such as Excel
    If any are marked MISSING, browse to the file location to fix them
    Colin (Mendip Data Systems) : Website, email
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