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    looking for database to identify connected users

    It has been quite a while, but I think I got the database I'm looking for from someone on here. It might have been called "current users", but I can't recall. Does this sound familiar to anyone/does anyone have a utility to view active connections to a database? The database I lost allowed you to point to a database on the network and when you clicked the results button, it gave you a listing of the computers connected. It was nice in the fact that I didn't have to build something in each database and the user interface was clean.

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    Possibly all that db did was to look for the laccdb file of the specified db and read its contents. The laccdb is a text file that can be opened in a text editor. It lists users by their Windows username. If the db is split design, the backend laccdb lists any user with an object open that is pulling data from any table of the backend. Once user closes object(s) they are removed from the backend laccdb list, even though they still have their frontend copy open. What I do for split db is have code in frontend that updates info in Users table when they open and close their frontend. I just view the table to determine who is running their frontend and might therefore have an active connection to the backend.

    If the db is split and the backend is SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, etc. I have no idea how to determine connected users.
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    That would work, but I'm hoping to avoid having to build something in each database. Thank you for the idea and if it comes down to it, I'll have to go that route.

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