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    Updating a remote MSAccess database without an MSAccess frontend

    Hello, World.
    I haven't programmed seriously in Access for a decade ++,
    but I have a project I'm thinking about.

    I want to have my service techs log their Job hours, Time IN, Time Out, Employee Number, Job Number, Lat&Long Coordinates, etc...) using a tablet device from the job site. The tablet would not be running Access (unless that's the cheapest solution) The database would be back on the office server or Idrive. I'm not tied to remote updating, but really would like the Techs to log their own time records in REAL time rather than having a person key the records from a paper timecard (which we've done since the early 80s) and attach them with a reasonable degree of automation.

    Any suggestion on learning to code this or an existing soluton? I've RTFM over the years with decent results if you've know a good one to start with.
    I'm in the Metro DC frequently and class training might be an option.



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    Other platforms can connect to Access tables but makes it way more complicated to build interface forms.

    Don't need full version of Access on tablets. Access Runtime should run on tablets with the full version of Windows, such as Microsoft Surface Pro. Runtime is free.

    The real trick may be the remote connection to server. How do you plan to do that? Cable or wireless? Using MS Remote Desktop Connection?
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    you can have your backend on something like AWS or Azure which will give them access to the (sql server) db - but you need to overcome the firewall issues - typically they are based on known IP addresses.

    Other options to the access runtime environment is you can design an excel form with vba code to update the backend - but that requires Excel which means an office license.

    No reason the techs can't log their time locally and update the backend when they have a connection.

    Note that tablets are typically wireless. Wireless connections and access work but expect glitches which can result in corruption, so much better to use sql server/express which manages connection outages much better.

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