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    Can I use a macro to make selections in a list field based on the value of another field?

    I have a database that includes two dropdown menu fields. These fields can have multiple selections, but are limited to the list. One field is filled out for each record, but the other field was just added. I have 500 records, and would like to know if I can run a macro to fill in the new field based on the values checked in the first field. For example, if this is the first field:

    Product Lines
    X Hotel
    O Multihousing
    O Door Closers
    O E-Plex
    X Levers and Handles
    O Simplex
    O Keyscan

    O RCI

    The macro should see that "Hotel" and "Levers and Handles" are both checked, and check the boxes in the list in field 2 that correspond with those product lines. Is this possible, or will I have to go through and check the boxes for each record myself?

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    this is why you should NEVER use check fields like this.
    The wrong way for a table design (checkboxs):
    bob smith, hotel, multihouse,door closers, etc.

    because EVERYTIME you change the values, all checkboxes must be altered on tables and forms etc.

    the CORRECT table design is to use text values (not checkboxes). Then to add /change, just put a new entry in the look list:
    123 =bob smith, in the tPerson table

    123, hotel
    123, multihouse,
    123, door closers,

    no changing of forms/reports/tables. Only 1 value is added to 1 table.

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    These values don't change. The product lines include definite product types that will not be altered, so is there any way to relate the two?

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    Sounds like a multi-value lookup field, not checkboxes, but I think ranman's advice is still valid. Most of us won't use multi-value fields; we use a related table as ranman describes.
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    I don't have reports, tables, etc. It's just a very simple database that lists contacts and what they sell.

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    I never use Multi-value field, calculated fields or Look up fields in tables.

    Having said that, yes, you can use VBA code (but not a macro) to update the MVFs. It will take a good understanding of Multi-value fields.

    Start with these links:

    It would be much simpler with a properly normalized structure.

    Good luck with your project.

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