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    Stored Procedures Slower in Access than Management Studio

    I don't know why some stored procedures run more slowly when I call them from Access rather than SQL Management Studio.

    I have setup a Data Source using the SQL Server driver.

    As an aside, I am having the same problem in Asp.Net

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    I assume Access is not running on the server, which would mean that any data returned by the SP has to travel over the wire with Access. It doesn't with SSMS (presuming it is on the server).
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    Both Access and SSMS are running on my PC and calling to a remote database.

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    If the database is on the server, the data will have to be pulled over the network, no matter where SSMS is installed. Some possibilities to increase the speed :
    - Try to limit the amount of data you pull over when opening the form. Never pull over the complete table content, but open with an empty form and populate it trough a search action.
    - Try to avoid the use of subforms
    - Check your indexes and keys
    - work with pass-through queries and let the server execute the query

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    There is a good chance that the issue has to do with parameter sniffing. You will need to take a look at the execution plan to be sure

    Here are a couple of good links that will describe it in detail
    This link will be a good place to start - they have a way of making the complex easy to understand
    Is another great place to look. In fact, the title of this page is Slow in the Application, Fast in SSMS

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