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    Converting Forms with linked tables to SharePoint lists


    I have an Access database that holds a number of linked tables (to an other Access file).
    In the new situation the data I need to link to are in SharePoint lists (and the old Access file is no longer supported).
    The names of the existing tables are the same as on SharePoint.

    I know how I can make an external connection to a SharePoint list.

    What would be the best procedure to swap the linked existing tables for the new SharePoint list tables?

    Can I first break the connection to the old linked tables and then connect to the new SP lists without upsetting all Forms and Queries or should I do this in an other way?

    The reason I ask this is because I previously deleted one existing table, connected the corresponding SP list, but now I keep getting the error when I open a Form that the deleted table cannot be found (while the new table has the same name).

    Thanks for directions...


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    If everything is the same in the tables including the name then just delete the old link tables. After that is done go to the link manager and link the new tables.

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    Hi Daisy509th,

    I already found out is wasn't a problem to swap the tables. Nevertheless we decided to dump the SharePoint lists as they are very crappy with primary keys. They assign an auto number key to every entry and it is not possible to assign combined primary keys to two or more fields.

    So if you want to store data on a central location, better use a SQL Server database or even a central Access file instead of a SharePoint list unless the data requires no advanced primary keys.

    Grtz BartH

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