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    Update With Group By

    I have a table that was a spreadsheet import that consists of data like such

    Buyer   Item            InStock     ShipAll
    4         Stove90        Yes
    8         Mit23            No
    10       Cap12           No
    4         Game01        No
    6         Genie21        Yes
    6         Glove33        Yes
    Now I need an update query that will update ShipAll if every Item for a buyer is marked as instock. So in the above sample set ONLY Buyer 6 should have both records flagged as Yes, buyer 4 has 1 item not in stock and 8 and 10 have an item not in stock.

    I tried to use the below query, but it is missing the criteria of ALL items for the buyer
    UPDATE shipments SET shipments.ShipAll = 'Yes' WHERE (((shipments.InStock)='Yes'));
    How can I add the criteria of all items for the buyer to this update statement?

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    Ideally, would not save this data, calculate when needed.

    ShipAll and InStock are text type fields?

    UPDATE shipments SET shipments.ShipAll = 'Yes' WHERE NOT Buyer IN (SELECT Buyer FROM shipments WHERE InStock='No');
    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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