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    Question Normalization/ Best practices

    Hello all! I am very out of touch with access and would appreciate if anyone has an opinion on my problem.

    I have a db I'm building that relies on a combination of 5 things that each combination has a different static set of results.

    Currently I have two tables that link together as one is the combination of 5 with an ID number and the 2nd table is the results, as I would suppose a 1 to 1 relationship. I'm guessing I created more work for myself in doing the split, but need better opinions if anyone is willing.

    The other possible quandary is that in my form for adding new records, I have to have it check for duplicates in the 5 combinations. I have this coded, and I am pretty sure I can switch it to just the first 5 columns if I need to combine the tables, but I just wanted to mention it in case.

    Thank you immensely to any who offer opinions for my stoop self.

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    Not enough information. To help us understand, show example data of what you have and what you are wanting.

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    If tables are 1 to 1 relationship and there will always be related records in both tables, really should just be 1 table. Set the 5 fields as composite index to prevent duplicate combinations.
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    Thank you guys! I appreciate it.

    I always end up over thinking everything.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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