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    not all records loading in from linked sharepoint table

    Hi all...I have an access front end application where the back end is various sharepoint lists (sharepoint is via MS365). One of the larger sharepoint lists contains about 70,000 records. When I open the linked table in Access, not all the records load. Sometimes I get 300, sometimes 2000, sometimes 4000, sometimes 20,000, and once and a while the full 70,000 records. But even when I run queries off that table, they don't always show all of the records they are supposed to.

    I wanted to see if anyone has experienced this and has a solution?



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    I have the same setup as you, but my lists reside on an actual server. I do not have the same issues as you do, but I have experimented with linking actual list views instead of the complete list. It really improves performance because I am using server-side filtering.

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