Hi There,

I have a list in SharePoint and i have created it as a link table in MS Access.

now i am able to make that linked table available online as well as offline. so, whenever i make it online all the records that i was updated in offline mode is getting synced with SharePoint list and updating in the list.

however my requirement is .. i want to identify all the records that i have modified offline before its get synced with SharePoint list. the reason i want to find out this is .. I want to see the list of records i have updated when i was offline and i wish to choose which records need to be synced leaving the other records as is.

in one short : if i made changes/updates to 10 records in offline mode, I want to Sync only one record with SharePoint and rest all 9 records should remain as is in my MS access DB in offline mode.

please suggest me a way that i can do it via VBA.