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    Append Query to copy record from 2 tables to 1 table?

    Hi Guys,

    Wondering if its possible to use Append Query to Copy records from 2 tables to 1 table, if yes then is it advisable to do so in the situation explained below?

    Main Form (Quote) - fields are QuoteID, QuoteNo, Quote Desc etc.
    Subform (Item Details) - I have copied item details from another table using Append Query, and this is where I want to copy QuoteID as well from main form to enable searching item records through QuoteNo

    I haven't linked my main form and subform as it was affecting my Append Query process due to some reason.

    Any possible help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Why do you need to copy data from another table? Why duplicating data between tables? Linked main and sub forms should not prevent append query. Would need to know more about your data structure, form/subform design, and the append query you attempted.
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    Thanks June7. I will try again with Linked Main/Subform and seek your help if I still have an issue.

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