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    Unhappy Multiple Count Ifs and Expressions in Query


    I am trying to write a query in query design to take a count on electronic invoices vs. manual invoices based on 2 fields in a table. Field 1: Doc Type. Field 2: User Type.

    For electronic, I'd like to create some sort of expression that will Count all Doc Types that start with an "I" but also all doc types that start with an "R" but also have a User Type that start with a "Z".

    For manual, I just need to count all Doc Types that are not "I" but also Doc Types those that start with "R", but do not have a User Type that starts with "Z". Any help would be huge, I'm very lost.


    Elect = Doc Types: "I*", "R*" (User Type"Z*")
    Manual = Doc Types: Not "I", but can be "R*" (Not User type "Z*").

    Hopefully that is clear. Thanks in advance.

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    I would switch to SQL view and just add the criteria there (you'll need to add WHERE in SQL view) . I find it kind of cumbersome to add criteria like this in design grid view, but that is just me.

    For the electronic, the criteria would be something like this:

    WHERE ([Doc Types] LIKE "I*" AND [User Type] LIKE "Z*") OR ([Doc Types] LIKE "R*" AND [User Type] LIKE "Z*")

    For the manual, are there any other choices other than I* and R*? If not, then this should work:

    WHERE ([Doc Types] LIKE "I*" AND [User Type] NOT LIKE "Z*")

    If there are other choices the this:

    WHERE ([Doc Types] NOT LIKE "R*" AND [User Type] NOT LIKE "Z*")

    BTW you will need 2 separate queries, one for each type

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