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    I need a freelancer for a small project in Access

    Hi Forum. I see that you have nice and very educated community here. I need a freelancer for a small project. Here's what I need:

    A database that anyone from my office can access and use to register a new job, or status update on a job.
    I already have the structure I need, I just can't create good enough forms in terms of design and criteria following. From what I saw, someone with average knowledge should be able to finish this project very easy.

    My budget is not high since this is a small company, but I will provide all the details after you contact me. This would be an ongoing relationship, because I will use your services to improve the system. I have included the table which I have made myself to give you an idea of what I might need. - my email
    gluvakov.nikola - skype

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    This project is done or not.

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    I would think that if it is NOT completed, it has been abandoned.
    NOTE that this post is from 9-1-2017.
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