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    can't work MS Access database

    Good day. A few days ago I created a MS Access database. Everything was working perfectly. Today tried to open it and leaves a sign that the base is corrupted and it cannot be opened. What could be the problem and how to fix it?
    Read similar threads on the forums, but a sensible solution was never found, so I had to create a new topic. Thanks in advance.

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    is there an error message? or maybe a screenshot you could show us of the icon you're seeing.

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    oops. Sorry but sometimes this happens. You can try opening Access ,then run REPAIR/compact, then select your db to repair.
    It MAY fix it.
    If not, it is corrupt beyond repair. You must restore from backup.
    Ive had this happen so much that now I backup OFTEN.
    In development, I backup hourly. Production tables, daily.

    good luck.

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    Tried to restore from the backup of the savegames , but the result was unsuccessful (((

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    See if anything here helps:

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    Depends on the error message you are getting. Sometimes keep tapping through and eventually it will open - might have to tap through 100 times, depends on the number of tables, forms, indexes, code modules etc. Note: use the shift key when opening to avoid any code running when the db is opened. If you have disabled this functionality, there is a possible way round it, but not worth going into if you haven't disabled it.

    Q1: Is your db split?
    A1:Yes - in which case is it the front end or backend that is corrupted?
    ..................Front End - your forms and code are lost, revert to backup
    ..................Back End - if the error is about indexes, use the export manager to export each table into a new database, you may get error messages whilst you do this, just tap through them. If that doesn't work, revert to backup
    A2: No - write out 1000 times 'I must split my database to protect my data' (do not copy and paste, that's cheating)
    ..................Go to Q1, A1, Backend - you might be able to recover your tables. Forms and code will still be lost.

    Q2: Is your db shared by multiple users - Front end if split or whole db if not?
    A1: Yes - write out 1000 times 'Each user should have their own copy of the front end' then go to Q1, A1, Backend
    A2: No - Go to Q1, A1, Backend

    Q3: Do you do regular backups?
    A1: Yes - all is not lost
    A2: No -write out 1000 times 'I must do regular backups'

    Q4: Are you working on a db on a remote server connected via a wireless network?
    A1: Yes -don't. That way lies a big increase in the risk of corruption
    A2: No - right answer

    If access is used as it is supposed to be used, the risk of corruption is minimal but can still happen. Not using it the way it is supposed to be used substantially increases the corruption risk.

    I'm with Ranman on backups. In development, I always take a backup before making any changes, make my changes, then decompile then compact and repair. And I make my changes in incremental steps - a form/functionality at a time.

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    Hi , thanks all for the help, I still advise to use the services of recover mdb online

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