hey guys i am using this code to send and email out to a specific email address with and attached .pdf of the selected report:

Dim stDocName As String
Dim strToName As String
Dim strCCName As String
Dim strBCCName As String
Dim strSubject As String
Dim strMessageBody As String

stDocName = "rptInvoice"
strToName = DLookup("Email", "qryInvoiceReport", "OrderId = " & [orders.orderID])
strCCName = "carla@carlascloset.com"
strBCCName = "kylebmorris@aol.com"
strSubject = " Carla's Closet wants to Thank you!"
strMessageBody = " Thank you for your business we look forward to seeing you again! Please Find the attached copy of your invoice. "

DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, stDocName, acFormatPDF, strToName, strCCName, strBCCName, strSubject, strMessageBody
This auto fills my email address cvia the dlookup

now two questions i am stumped on...

1. if i dont send and just close the outlook message i get a error runtime message then it goes to debug.. how do i get rid of that...

2. How do i write code to have access tell outlook call up a otf template file when loading the message?

3. how can i store this .otf template in the DB so it travels self-contained to my client?

Thank you in advance!