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Inventory Management and Sync as well as shipping

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    Inventory Management and Sync as well as shipping


    I am currently looking for an inventory management system for my business. I fulfill all orders myself from my warehouse. I do about 2500 shipments per month and hand writing inventory has become a pain. I am currently looking in to ecomdash for the inventory management but they do not offer integration with UPS, which I absolutely need as most of my items are larger in size and heavy. Is there any program/site that allows..
    1- Inventory management and syncing across multiple channels. (ebay, amazon, sears, magento, rakuten)
    2- the ability to create shipping labels with ups, fedex,post office and update back to channel with tracking information.
    I even checked Inventory management video for more information but did not find much.
    Ecomdash seems to be the closest I have found but no UPS integration.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Check out
    Maybe you will find something close to what you are looking for...
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    Your post suggests you have been dealing with about 100 shipments per day...manually. That seems a lot for a 1 man-band given that most items are large and heavy. How about telling us about a typical day in your business?

    You indicate you have Win 7 Access 2010. Did you have anything in Access to support your business?
    Since this is your first post here, please tell us more of your background re database, Access etc.

    It seems (mostly a guess on my part) that you want to -
    -interact with identified web based services (ebay, amazon, sears, magento, rakuten),
    -synchronize inventory across these multiple sites (and your warehouse??)
    -be internet based???
    -create shipping labels (possibly packing slips??)
    -interact with UPS (somewhat seamlessly??)

    Have you identified and documented your business processes?

    Interesting project, good luck.

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    This is what I am trying to learn to do. Only been using Access for just over a week.

    I'm not interested in shipping labels although that would be awesome.

    I just want to sync my Amazon, Ebay and Website stock and be able to sync the stock back to the other two channels when something sells.

    All manual to begin with but ultimately I would love to build myself a one-click (or few click) solution.

    It looks like the OP gave up pretty easy.

    If we had 2500 orders per month, I'd surely look to a professional solution providing the profit was sufficient enough to fund such a venture. Highly unlikely, for me, as the solutions offered by these companies are horribly expensive.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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