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    Form Button Macro "Run Query" won't Update Search

    Hello Everyone,

    I've been tasked with some database creation, but I'm a novice. Currently, I have a form that connects to a query, in which I enter partial/complete information and hit a "run query" button to return results in a query.

    One issue I'm having is that to refresh the search, I have to close the query first. I'd much rather be able to hit the "run query" button and have the results automatically refreshed based on the new criteria. Furthermore, I'd like to house the results as a subform instead of having a query pop up. I've spent hours looking for the right information, but oftentimes it's more than I can parse. Is there any advice anyone can offer me on this? I'd really appreciate it.

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    Not so hard. In the form design view, drag the query from the navigation pane onto the form. That should create your subform.

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    Creating a sub-form isn't the difficult part. Getting it to update the results when I hit the button is.

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    The form and the subform should have different control sources. Generally when entering data into a form a table is used as the record source, altho a simple query can also be used. The query for the subform would then display all the data from above, sometimes with additional information.

    When the data is the same, you need to trap the "update" action, i.e. the point in time when the new data is stored on the table. Entering information into a text box does not change the underlying table so the subform's data will not change.

    Explain your entering process to us so that we can help you determine when would be a good time to refresh the subform.

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    Are you using dynamic parameterized query? I never do.

    Don't open query, requery form the query is bound to.

    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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