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    File Sharing Lock Exceeded

    I have recently installed access 2010, and have been transferring data from Access 2003 version.

    However files in one of my databases is in excess of 16,000 files.

    I can transfer about 6,000 at a time with no difficulty from other forms .. but as soon as i go for large transfers, I get an error message saying ..

    "File Sharing lock Exceeded" during large transaction processing ..

    Increase MaxLocksPerFile Registry Entry.

    I have already gone into Regedit .. but it made no difference.

    Does anyone know how I can overcome this problem ?

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    Method 2, for example:

    DAO.DBEngine.SetOption dbmaxlocksperfile,15000

    Also, I've found that using queries, such as append, will run whereas VBA/DAO code throws the locks exceeded error.

    The SetOption technique has worked for me in VBA/DAO.

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