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    Additional Value List edits erasing previously entered fields

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I built a basicdatabase tracking vehicles, it works perfect running locally. After uploadingthe tables to (office 365) Sharepoint,Ihave an issue with value list additions erasing previously entered fields.
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    Step 1 add Veh. Mileage, Veh Currently with, Veh Status, Vinthan click on Make.
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    Step 2 add Make GM

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    Step 3 After typing GM Previous field’s erased (note Make GMis now in drop down) same thing happens with Model.
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    Why are you using a value list for your vehicle types. That would be a non-normalized database structure.

    What you'd want is a table specifically for vehicle makes

    VM_ID  VM_Description
    1      Ford
    2      Chevrolet
    3      Chrysler
    4      Toyota
    Then store the VM_ID (which is an AUTONUMBER data type in tblVehicleMake) as a foreign key in your data entry table (the one where you're recording the mileage, etc). I suspect you have more problems with your data structure than anything else.

    If you persist in using value lists that is a FORM DESIGN change, you would have to force an update to the ROW SOURCE of your combo boxes then save the form, otherwise all changes are temporary (until you close your form or re-load it)

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    Thank you for your advice and time, I will make suggestedchange to the table and review all other tables that I used Value List in. Obviously, I need to read up on databasestructure.

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