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    VBA To Check If Query Has At Least One Row Of Results

    I am using vba to build a query from a simple select statement and am exporting the query results to a .csv file using Cmd.TransferSpreadsheet. There have been a few instances where a blank spreadsheet is exported, and I would like to combat that somehow. Is there a way to check the row count from the query before exporting to .csv, and if the rowcount = 0 then display a message on screen to the user that the query returned 0 results.

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    I tried to use the Dcount() function to do this, but it is exporting to CSV anyway - possibly my DCOUNT() function is not correct
    If DCount("*","exportquery") > 0 Then
          MsgBox("No Data To Export")
    End If

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    Put a field from the query instead of the *.

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    does your exportquery have parameters? if so, then dcount is probably not working

    suggest you check the number returned using

    debug.print DCount("*","exportquery")

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    Maybe what follows (or even precedes) your code snippet is the problem. After the message box, there's no Exit statement, but we can't see what comes after.
    Try stepping through to see what happens, and check the value of the dcount as you watch what happens when it's > 0 and not > 0.
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    As others are saying, check you calculations with Debug.print etc before trying to execute your code.

    Some excellent info for checking your code at :

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