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    Importing Excel and CSV into Access Error

    I am trying to import a large file in either format of Excel or CVS into Access. Would prefer to load the CVS file
    The file is from the National Provider Identifier (NPI) records.
    I have converted the file to Excel, when I tried to Import a CVS I would get Error message: Bad file name or number
    When trying to import as Excel I get the following message: Unexpected error from external database driver.

    CSV file: npidata_20050523-20170507 size 6,158,407 KB
    Exel File: npidata_20050523-20170507 Size 283,866 KB

    If anyone has any idea would greatly appreciate and ones help as looking up 1933 providers to correct another spreadsheet would be easier to build a relational tables instead.

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    Try manually linking the excel file as an external table. Do not import.
    once linked ,open the table,see if you can view the data.
    if so, run an append query to import.
    If error,see what the problem is.

    if no error, the import steps would be:
    1.overwrite previous excel file (the linked one)
    2. Run append query

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    to the forum.....

    Not really enough info.

    I set up a routine to import 2 CSV files a month - 1 file had around 13,000 lines and the other around 1,200 lines.
    Is this a one time event?

    Do you have a dB?
    Can you provide 5 - 10 lines of the CSV file?
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