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    Creating a query to get data into separate columns when a part number has multiple values

    I will be importing this into a table in access and then creating another table just with part number as my primary key. How do I create a query so that it lists:

    Part number | Product File name | Product Filename | Product Filename

    These should be separate fields within the query.

    I am using Access 2016.

    I have attached an example of the excel spreadsheet.

    Some part numbers have 1-3 filenames associated with it.

    This is an example of the excel file I have:

    partNumber Images filename
    TNN608679 9ccc7f3188014fd185049edcdcfc3759.1.png
    TNN608679 9ccc7f3188014fd185049edcdcfc3759.2.png
    TNN608679 9ccc7f3188014fd185049edcdcfc3759.3.png
    ATSZ-1401A 38cba2e6d3244a088477e31c1499a9ff.1.png
    ATSZ-1401A 38cba2e6d3244a088477e31c1499a9ff.2.png
    EAGN509-0239 38cbc66a92de4db687c475ad784d7257.1.png
    EAGN509-0239 38cbc66a92de4db687c475ad784d7257.2.png
    AMT121116-13 39da43a85f46400fbea3e339e866420b.1.png
    AMT121116-13 39da43a85f46400fbea3e339e866420b.2.png
    AML61679A 41423806be434b3bb34299a6cffcbb94.1.png
    AML61679A 41423806be434b3bb34299a6cffcbb94.2.png
    AML61679A 41423806be434b3bb34299a6cffcbb94.3.png
    CKE56314538 83f3352df2434409bbc33d5ab6e687d7.1.png
    CKE56314538 83f3352df2434409bbc33d5ab6e687d7.2.png
    CKE56314538 83f3352df2434409bbc33d5ab6e687d7.3.png
    TNN222384TG 3ca11ebf6b80491cb282de2928f96b72.1.png
    TNN222384TG 3ca11ebf6b80491cb282de2928f96b72.2.png
    ADV56413761 38fd9962132d465da8cbcb317c1e7a1e.1.png
    ADV56413761 38fd9962132d465da8cbcb317c1e7a1e.2.png
    ADV56413762 dd376f13340f475599b1b3631bfb40c4.1.png
    ADV56413762 dd376f13340f475599b1b3631bfb40c4.2.png
    ADV56413766 d56d401af00f48c99afe02b02add4623.1.png
    ADV56413766 d56d401af00f48c99afe02b02add4623.2.png

    Thank you in advance.

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    You would create 2 tables:
    Table1 for part number containing an autonumber part ID
    Table2 for file names containing part id and file name

    Normalization of table design requires this structure, not repeating data and field names. Once this is done you can choose to display the data in any way.

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    there was a reply (now missing) from the OP, stating that the data was going back into Excel, was there not??

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