Hi all,

I'm trying to get started creating a web database in Access 2010 and somewhat unsurprisingly coming across some new stuff I need to learn. I'm having problems with the following:-

I have a Categories form in which is a list box containing all of the available categories. There is also a second list box showing all of the existing products within the selected category and double clicking on a product opens another form called WebFrmFoods which shows the detail of the selected product. This is all working so far.

This is the problem I have:- I have a button on this first form to allow the user to add a new product to a selected category and so far I've got it to open WebFrmFoods and go to a blank record ready for the details to be inputted. But what I want it to do is to programmatically add the correct category into this form. (You can see in the macro attached that I have already put in a conditional statement to see if a category has been selected first).

During experimentation, I have discovered that if I use the OpenForm command, this will only open a Pop up, Modal form which inhibits any more of thee macro running until I close it again, as the only Window Mode available to me is Dialog (why can't I get Normal?), so I'm using the BrowseTo command instead, which closes the original form first, then opens WebFrmFoods, full screen and in Normal mode (hurrah!)

I can get the macro to change the focus from the 1st tab item to a field of my choosing (Iron in the macro) and the correct reference to this field just seems to be 'Iron' which is presumably because the current form is now WebFrmFoods and this field is on that form.

HOWEVER, when I then try to write something into that field (Hello!) it says it can't find the field I'm referring to, whether I call it 'Iron', '[Iron]', '[Forms]![WebFrmFoods]![Iron] or anything else I can think of.

Where am I going wrong?

Best regards,