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    What will this code return with the following criteria?

    Came across some code that someone else has written and don't have a good way to test it at the moment.

    Just looking at this bit of it, what do you guys think the below code return if the LoanT = 1 AND the ReportingT = 9? Federal or Gin?

    CASEWHEN L.LoanT= '1' THEN 'Federal'
    WHEN L.LoanT = '2' THEN 'Veterans'
    WHEN L.LoanT > '2' THEN 'Other'
    WHEN Inv.ReportingT IN (1,9) THEN 'Gin'
    WHEN Inv.ReportingT = 0 OR Inv.InvID = 'REO/F' THEN'Fred'
    WHEN Inv.ReportingTy IN (6,7,8) AND Inv.InvID <>'REO/N' THEN 'Privates'
    ELSE 'Fan' END AS InvTyp,

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    You have this thread in modules, whereas the code is TSQL, so on the basis this is actual a sql server question since the condition is met first with LoanT, I would expect it to return 'Federal'.

    However you are comparing

    L.LoanT= '1' (i.e. text)


    if the LoanT = 1 (a number)

    so perhaps nothing at all

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    FYI, I moved the thread to SQL Server. I'd concur with Federal, as the function will return the result of the first condition met (I'd also concur with the text/number thoughts).
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