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    Countdown Timer w/ Reset on Button Click

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a data entry form in MS Access 2016 for quality spot checks that need to be performed every 15 minutes. The problem I ran into was trying to make a countdown timer that signals when a new spot check is needed. I wanted the timer to start at 15 minutes and count down from there (15:00), the text color to turn red at the 2:00 mark, the form back color to turn red if it reaches zero (or flash red), and for the timer to reset on the click of the submit button.

    The text box that I want the timer in is called "txtTimer" and the button made to save the record is named "Submit".

    I appreciate your help on this.

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    On a form,put 2 text boxes,
    txtClock, txtTarget

    txtClock shows the time.
    txtTarget shows the time of the next time.

    in the form property, TimerInterval=1000. (1 second)
    in the OnTimer event, put the code....
    sub form_OnTimer()
    txtClock= DateAdd("s",-1,txtClock)
    if txtClock= txtTarget then
       TxtTarg = DateAdd("m",15,txtTarget)
       TxtClock= #00:15:00#
    End if
    end sub

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