Hi Guys,

I am having a problem with Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access. It appears as though it does not handle BLOBs. The migration seems to work. After the process is complete I examine the data in my tables from within the tool and my data appears to be in tact. My lookup tables are populated and those that have BLOB data appear to be ok. I then look at my primary table and it also appears to be in tact. I see my temporary keys and my BLOB fields appear to contain data. When I go to SQL Server and execute a simple query telling it to return all CardIDs from my primary table I get NOTHING and the BLOB data from all my other tables that contain BLOB data is also GONE. I have also linked my tables so I could view them from Access and my primary table is EMPTY, no records. There were over 9,400 + records in the Access table. Could someone please tell me what is going on here? How can the tool clearly show that my data is in tact and then Server and Access say there are no records? Any help you can provide is appreciated. AT THE END OF MY ROPE !!!!