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    Some advise needed

    Hi everyone.

    I am just after some advise on a database i want to create.
    The idea of it is to track staff sales in my industry on different additional products over the month (retain data longer than that).

    Currently i do it in excel but changing and adding data is a bit of a ball ache.

    We basically end up with a table of
    TARGET 200 6.0 1.5 1.2 1.2 9.0
    JB 827 5.47 0.29 0 0.49 6.25 DOWN
    DH 663 3.38 1.43 0.53 0.36 5.7 UP
    GD 364 6.11 0.98 0.52 0.52 8.13 DOWN
    MH 590 5.17 0.91 0.29 0.23 6.6 DOWN
    JF 425 9.45 1.25 0.26 0.57 11.53 DOWN
    BM 160 5.47 1.6 0.26 0.95 8.28 DOWN
    BRANCH 3229 5.841667 1.076667 0.31 0.52 7.75 UP

    i have these each in their own sheets and they populate the table above from these sheets that look like the table as follows (rental days for example)

    DAYS 28/04/2017 27/04/2017 26/04/2017
    JB 827 771 830
    DH 663 663 826
    GD 364 362 365
    MH 590 570 602
    JF 425 424 425
    BM 160 145
    BRANCH 3029 2790

    I thought of doing this in a DB as it would make inputting data easier (via form) and could use queries to generate data and graphs etc....

    What i need to know is would i go about building this by having a table for each header (first list) with each of those having Staff Member relating to a table containing list of branch staff and a second field as date then a third as the value they have sold on/

    its years since i did databases so can't really remember. If anyone has any tips, tutorials etc to advise me to check out and jog my memory that would be much appreciated.


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    Id say certainly

    + Other details about staff

    is one

    but before anymore Id like to see a few details of the other things in simple English

    Could you upload any of your Excel file here or a picture so we can see what we're dealing with?

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    of course... thats the full xls. i have a different version with updated staff members on my work pc but thats basically what we are looking at.

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