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    looking to create a report with a SUM and GROUP BY

    Hi guys,

    just looking for a little help with building a report in access.

    Basically im trying to create a report that will take a table with 3 columns(date, currency, value) and show them on a report. i want to group records by month and sum each month values to a single record. i guess its easy to do but i'm very new to access, any help or advise would be grateful.


    here is a link to sample data(excel file)

    this is an image of what i'd like the outcome look like.

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    You can just do a GroupBy in your query. Create a query with your 3 fields (Date, Currency, Value) Click on the "Totals" button. It's the one that sort've looks like an E. "Group By" will be shown for each field in the "Total Row". Change the "Group By" to "Sum" in the "Total" row for the "Value" field. That will break everything down by Month, Currency and total.

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