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    Advising old email senders of my new email address

    Can someone please assist me: I am switching email providers, and want to create a new rule that sends a message back to people sending to my old email address that I have changed.
    I have tried numerous times to create a new rule, by checking "apply rule on messages I receive"; I then check "where my name is in the To or cc box"; I then go to a "Reply using a specific template" , and I click the underlined "specific template"; I then go to "user templates in file system" - this is where it gets confusing:- it offers a file: C:\Users\Owners\App Data\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\*.oft - however, when I create a word doc. I can not find the above file on my system to save to doc to!

    So, I have tried saving it to a simple word doc (and other saves areas), but the new rule will not recognise or allow me to open any of my saved doc.s???
    Can anyone please advise how to create a document that I can add to the new rule???

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    Maybe try an outlook forum....

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    File > Automatic replies (out of office)

    its a big box in the middle of the screen as you open the file menu in 2016.

    I'm a month late I know. But I believe that's what you're asking haha.

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