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    Table Design - Relationship Structure


    I have a DB of around 33 staff members.

    They can all book Holidays for any week within the year, One Employee for example might book off on holiday the 1,2,3,4 January, a while later another employee might want the the same days.

    That it is fine as we allow 2 off at the same time.

    My thinking is that this situation is now a Many to many relationship but I'm not sure of how to structure it?

    One employee may have one to many holidays, An Holiday may have one or many staff in the same holiday dates, months.

    I know this requires a Junction table but what items/fields do I move into it to make this work in a form later (If a query feeds it)

    I want to get this right before we move further.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I don't think tMonths table needs to be in the relation.
    access knows what a month is AND it's not a child table so it does not need to be there.
    the tHoliday table just needs a Date field,for the vaca date. Access knows this date is JAN, or FEB.
    remove this table.

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    Hi Ranman,

    Thanks for your advice, I get the logic regarding getting rid of the Months Table.

    The reason I went down that route was to get the Record/Table structure below, I was thinking of having a Sub Datasheet within a main form, linking The EmpID Main Form to EmpID in the Holiday table Datasheet

    The staff chose dates/Days, 1,2,3,4 = 4 days or it could be 11,12,13,17,18,19 6 days with their days off included in the middle that's why I wanted Months in the table and days used.

    The employee will require a print off of his booked holiday and previous booked holidays afterwards.

    If i enter in 11.12.2017,12.12.2017,13.12.2017,14.12.2017 in the dates section, what would I need in a month field or query calculation to display to the user a format similar to the below.
    Hope that makes a little more sense, I'm basically moving everything from Excel into a Database. (See Excel Version Below)

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