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    Ceilling function in access

    I know there is ceiling function in SQL but is there any similar function in Access.

    I have value 25.2 it should be rounded as 26 in my query.

    if use round (25.2) it will show me 25

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    no, but you can use


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    But you can apparently use an Excel function if you have a reference to Excel. To use it in a query, wrap the worksheet function in an Access UDF
    Public Function fCeiling(vDblValue As Var, vSignificance As Var) As Double
    fCeiling = Excel.WorksheetFunction(vDblValue, vSignificance)
    End Function
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    no, but you can use

    But I have different numbers in my field. If it 25.9+0.5 it will give me 26 - That is good. Thanks.

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