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    Update multiple fields in a table with single click

    Dear Gents,
    Um trying to update multiple fields with a single click , But unfortunately i don't know how to loop through records set, I have a piece of code that updates single row only can anyone help

    HTML Code:
     sql_text = "UPDATE Products " & _
        "SET qty = " & qtyRemain & _
        " WHERE PRD_Code= '" & code & "'"
        DoCmd.RunSQL (sql_text)

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    you dont loop thru,
    you execute a query to update them all at once.

    docmd.openquery "quUpdateQry"

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    Hi, i know this is an old question but i have the same issue.

    I tried the following which works for updates the selected row only.

    Sub Example()
        Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
        Set rs = Me!EntrySalesDetails.Form.RecordsetClone
        Dim idx As Integer
        For idx = 1 To rs.RecordCount
            CurrentProject.Connection.Execute "UPDATE TBL_PRODUCTS SET ProdStock = ProdStock +" & Me!EntrySalesDetails.Form!SaleDetailQty & "   WHERE ProdID_PK=" & Me!EntrySalesDetails.Form!ProdID_FK.Column(0) & ""
        Next idx
        Set rs = Nothing
        Exit Sub
        Set rs = Nothing
    End Sub
    How to make it handle all rows in the subform EntrySalesDetails ?

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    idx is just a counter. If there are 50 records you will update the same record 50 times because the update values never change (as far as I can see). Why use an ADO connection with a DAO recordset? Shouldn't that be CurrentDb.Execute?

    In truth you probably should SET a variable to the CurrentDb (outside the loop) rather than loop over CurrentDb. A variable means the db object reference is only created once.

    Ideally you should start your own thread, not just because this is known as thread hijacking but the way some people search for threads your question might not be seen. I know, it's about 4 years old already and probably not much chance that the OP will come back, but still...
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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    ok thank you.
    i will open a new thread.

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