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    Multiple control type Parameter Form used to filter Reports: Help with VBA Code


    The attached parameter form (f_Parameter)
    Is being used to filter a report based on selections in a listbox and course type. I have not added the "date from and date to" textboxes yet.

    I keep getting data type mismatch errors when I click on the preview reports button (which is using the report copy of r_MCR_report)

    When I open the parameter query in design view, it has passed the correct values to the parameter form. I have tried deleting one or the other and still get a data mismatch. I have changed their data types to integer from string and that didn't work either. Is there anyone out there that could help me with this???


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    There are a couple of errors I found:

    ' Build criteria string for Instructors
        For Each varItem In Me.lst_Instructors.ItemsSelected
            strInstructors = strInstructors & ", " & Me.lst_Instructors.ItemData(varItem)
        Next varItem
        If Len(strInstructors) = 0 Then
            strInstructors = "Like '*'"
            strInstructors = Right(strInstructors, Len(strInstructors) - 1)
            strInstructors = "IN(" & strInstructors & ")"
        End If
    ' Build criteria string for CourseType
        For Each varItem In Me.lst_Course_Type.ItemsSelected
            strCourseType = strCourseType & ", " & Me.lst_Course_Type.ItemData(varItem)
        Next varItem
        If Len(strCourseType) = 0 Then
            strCourseType = "Like '*'"
            strCourseType = Right(strCourseType, Len(strCourseType) - 1)
            strCourseType = "IN(" & strCourseType & ")"
        End If
    ' Build criteria string for Date From and Date To One day maybe :\
    ' Build SQL statement
        strSQL = "SELECT q_jt_MCR_Instructor_Roles.* FROM q_jt_MCR_Instructor_Roles" & _
                 " WHERE q_jt_MCR_Instructor_Roles.[InstructorID] " & strInstructors & _
                 " AND q_jt_MCR_Instructor_Roles.[Course_TypesID] " & strCourseType & ";"
    A space is missing before the WHERE
    AND is missing before the second part of the WHERE clause
    Instructor_ID is Numeric so no quotes around the number, plus you are referring to last name but putting in the number (I used the number)

    Query Q_Parameter_Form uses the field Course_Type_Abbreviation, but it has a number (as text) in the criteria. The abbreviations don't have numbers there. Change it to the ID, and don't use the quotes.

    This should help a bit - I can get it to give me the report.

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    MCR Scan Name v 6.zipThank you so much! I have been working on getting it to work and am wondering if you have any advice on how to add a searchable Date Range to the sql string that is being built...

    I did add typical "Between [DateStart] AND [DateEnd] with the forms references and it works but I am wondering if there is a way to do it in the SQL String that is being built? I have attached what I have worked on so far...

    But thank you again very much for your help... it was making me crazy !!!!! So frustrating but then so wonderful when it works!! No pain no gain I guess...

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