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    Post INSERT query: insert new data only

    Dear all,

    Table TBL_NEWDATA is used to append new data to table TBL_PERSON_ALLOCATIONS.

    TBL_NEWDATA { Person_ID, Department_ID }
    TBL_PERSON_ALLOCATIONS { Person_ID, Department_ID, ... }

    I need to devise a query to append data for a particular Department_ID from TBL_NEWDATA to TBL_PERSON_ALLOCATIONS where that data does not already exist there.

    i.e. for Department_ID 'Research', I would want to append 'Person_ID', 'Department_ID' (in this case: 'Research') to TBL_PERSON_ALLOCATIONS for any tuples not already held.

    SELECT Person_ID, Department_ID
    WHERE TBL_NEWDATA.Department_ID='Form...'
    SELECT Person_ID, Department_ID

    This Query takes a single argument from a control (Forms!Main!IN_Department), and this is the Department_ID to be updated.

    Is there any way to do this using a single query or will I have to use sub queries? I'd hoped not to as to keep the database as concise as possible.

    Your advice is very much appreciated as I am drawing a blank.



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    I've solved my own problem! I was using multiple columns in the subquery; removing one fixed the issue. Thanks to those that looked, anyway!

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    Hi David,
    Would you post your solution please?
    I have a similar problem and I think your solution may be what I need.

    I'm just getting back into using ACCESS SQL after a very long absence and am finding I've forgotten a lot.
    I really need to INSERT INTO a file and keep getting syntax errors. My gut tells me this should be simple and I must be overlooking something obvious.
    My current query is:
    SELECT *
    INSERT INTO Charges
    FROM HoldData
    WHERE HoldData.Condition<>"Monthly";

    Which is so bad I can't even save it. The structure of both files is identical.


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