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    Advice please...If at all possible :)


    I'm just learning Access as I go and have been following a fair few of the tutorials out there as I've been given a project to do (they won't hire anyone from outside!), but I am stumped on an issue. FYI I am using Access 2016.

    I need to create a database that details an evaluation of the effectiveness of our training services, that can also be used to identify locations in the country where training is perhaps falling short or if there is a certain demographic (age, locations) that our training methods need to be adjusted to benefit.

    So, there is a questionnaire that is filled out both before we deliver and after to compare and evaluate the impact of training. They are questions centred around what we teach to see the knowledge before our training and then the knowledge gained afterwards.

    My question is, whats the most effective way to develop this in to an Access database where reports can be generated? I have set up tables to input the trainee details and trainer details and obviously the trainee table will need to be linked to the answers given in both pre and post questionnaire, just stumped on how to do this

    The questionnaire has approx. 20 questions with 4 multiple answers each.

    I know this might end up being quite a time consuming reply to give me, so any guidance, tutorial or documentation that I could read would greatly help as I can't seem to find any tutorials that can help with this.

    Thank you all ever so much for your time.

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    a number of examples/tutorials here

    basically you need two tables

    a table for questions


    a table for answers acting as a many to many table between trainees and questions - something like


    There are various other things you may need to do depending on your questionnaire structure - if all possible answers to all the questions are the same (e.g. good/bad/don't know/NA) then the answer field as above is all that should be required. If answers vary between questions or have different weightings you'll either need another table to handle it or additional fields in the questions table

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    You are not at Access/physical database stage.
    You start with a clear set of requirements. Build a comprehensive description in simple, plain English.
    What exactly is being requested--start with a broad brush and continually add detail.
    Keep bouncing you working ideas/progress with your boss, colleagues or whoever is asking you to do this. Seek feedback to keep focused.

    You really have to do some analysis to make sure you understand what is being asked, and any variations that arise.
    What exactly is the measurement of effectiveness to be used?
    What are your training services? What specifically are you evaluating? (training/facility/teachers??)

    You can mock up a logical data model with a pencil and paper. With some test data (even concocted responses) you can test your model.
    You have to know what you want to get out of such a database, so you can ensure the parameters and values you need are being collected.
    A tested, data model can serve as a blueprint for your database design.

    Don't start by building or trying to build a physical database.
    Who built the questionnaire? If you review/abstract the questionnaire, you will probably find some of the points to be measured.

    There are some great, free youtube videos by BA-Experts that deal with business analysis, things analysts do, business processes, database etc. These are short and quite humorous at times, but highlight concepts.

    Good luck.

    Here are some links that may be helpful.

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    Thanks ever so much to you both for your help and advice, its much needed guidance for something i am a novice really. However, im finding it extremely interesting thats for sure!

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    After you have followed orange's advice and after you created your design on paper, take a look at

    Duane Hookom's "At Your Survey (AYS)"

    Maybe you can modify this for your needs....
    "Veni, Vidi, Velcro"
    (I came; I saw; I stuck around.)

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    I recommend people to start with Excel to meet their need. Abstract theory can be tough to make real while excel will force you to define all the fields and sheets. If you can make it work in excel to start - that's a good basis to move to a database. Microsoft study has found that nearly 90%+ databases were first begun in excel. Excel can go a long way - it doesn't provide a multiple simultaneous user application nor control of the user interface - but it is a great structure to start with on the path to a database application.

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