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    Question Populate one field based upon another fields data

    My table / query contains various fields including customer account numbers. I need to populate a new field (Sales Group) with a description that identifies a group of account numbers. E.g.:-
    Accounts 34,76,88,93 equals Sales Group “USA Parent Customers”
    Accounts 45,22,76,43 equals Sales Group “USA Non Parent Customers”
    Accounts 89,54,23,66 equals Sales Group “UK Customers”

    Any other account not listed above equals Sales Group “ROW” (Rest Of The World)
    I’m sure I’ve done this before using an ‘if’ and ‘move’ statement, but I’ve not touched access for over a year and I’ve forgotten so much. Any ideas appreciated!

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    I'm going to make some assumptions- I didn't find your explanation very clear, but that's probably me.

    I'll assume you have a bunch of records, each including the field "Acccount Number". And the value in this field could be any of the 2-digit numbers you listed. I'll further assume that what you're trying to do is assign the Sales Group, based upon that number.

    If you create a Sales Group table, listing the each account number and the associated group (excluding the ROW), you can then use that for an update query (if you even want to store that information in the record, at all). A second update query, set to identify un-matched records, can easily add ROW to the remaining entries.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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