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    Strange error

    Hi everyone,
    I am new here and I am not sure if this is the right group, else please move my tpoci tho the correct group.
    I have a strange situation.
    A friend of my has made a file in MS Access 2013
    On his computer and laptop it is working fine. (I think he is using windows 10 on both)
    When I copy the file to my computer, it does not want to work.
    First I was getting the message that I had to turn on Macro's
    So I had changed this to allow all macro's
    Now when I try to open the file, I am getting an error;
    Undefined function ‘Str’ in expression

    I only have two options I can choose.
    I can click on OK or HELP

    When I click on HELP, a website page is opened and it will try to explain what is wrong;
    “You entered an SQL expression that includes a Function procedure name that cannot be recognized. Make sure the function can be used in SQL expressions, or check the expression to make sure you entered the name correctly."

    When I click on OK a new window will pop-up with the following;
    Macro Single Step

    Macro Name:

    (this field is empty)

    Action Name:

    MembersExtendedMembers; Datasheet; Edit

    Error Number:

    In this window, I only can click "Stop All Macro's"
    When I do this, I end-up with a empty field/workspace.

    I had try this file on several computers.
    On my Windows 10 with Office 2010 and on a laptop with Windows 10 and Office ProPlus (UK) 2013
    Both are doing the same thing.
    Does anyone has any idea, why the file is working on both his computers, but not on mine ?
    We also had tried the file on a clean Windows 10 laptop with Office 2013 from him, and it is working there without any problem.

    For me this is very strange.
    I am new to MS Access, but any which way I look at it, it should work.
    Many thanks for all your help, tips and tricks.

    Gr. Pierre

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    I would look at the references and see if you have a BOGUS missing one. Just uncheck it if you do and recompile.
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    Also, go into a code window(design on a form, then hit the code icon) and in the Debug section do a Compile, see if it gives you any errors. If not, hit save after the compile. If you have a reference issue it should flag it there as well.

    Just a tip you should always do this when running programs on a different version of Access and Office just to clear up any bugs that might happen.

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    Undefined error of simple and ACTUAL built in functions is the cause of a bad reference in the VB environment (VBE)
    press Ctrl-G to get to VBE,
    in the menu: tools, references,
    one of the items is checked ,yet says MISSING.
    uncheck this bad ref.

    the other PC does not have the same versions.
    If the new PC had missing Excel v10,
    but it Does have Excel v11, then check mark this new version.

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    Hi ranman256,
    Thanks for your tip.
    It looks like it has solved the problem.
    It was something about missing MS Outlook version(s)
    I had unchecked the missing errors and had checked further down the list, the other MS Outlook versions.
    I had started it once and it looks like it is working.
    I will do a few more test to make sure.

    * Update *
    I tried it on several computer that were giving the same error.
    And now it looks like it is working fine.
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