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    How to use Expression Builder in a query to the show dates and times a transaction occurred

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to access and this forum, so please take it easy on me. I am creating a database that tracks transactions (goods in exchange for money) that occur in our office. I have a table called 'TblTransactions' that stores: ID, CustomerName, CompanyType, CompanyName, Date, Time.

    Our office is open 24/7/365, so we use three shifts to provide this coverage - Day Shift (07:00 - 15:00), Swing Shift (15:00 - 23:00), and Midnight Shift (2300 - 0700).

    Part of what I've been asked to do is create a report that is printed at the end of each shift showing the transactions that occurred during that shift.

    I created three queries to drive each of these reports:
    1. QryDailyTransactionReport - DayShift
    2. QryDailyTransactionReport - SwingShift
    3. QryDailyTransactionReport - MidnightShift

    The TransactionDate field in each query is based on an unbound 'Date/Time' text box on the 'Switchboard' (aka home screen). It uses the following Criteria: [Forms]![Switchboard]![Date].

    I used the expression builder to create a field called 'Shift'. I used the following IIF statement and it works for every query except QryDailyTransactionReport - MidnightShift:

    • Shift: IIf(Format([Time],"Short Time") Between "07:00" And "14:59","Day",IIf(Format([Time],"Short Time") Between "15:00" And "22:59","Swing",IIf(Format([Time],"Short Time") Between "23:00" And "06:59","Midnight","Midnight")))

    The query only pulls transactions that occurred on the current date. Since the first hour of the Midnight Shift happens during the previous day, the data is not accurate. Is there a way to change this expression so that the last IIF statement includes transactions that occurred after 23:00 on the day before?

    Thank you in advance!


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    I thought you were doing great with field names until I came to Date, Time. These are reserved words and should not be used -

    Without seeing your problem query, I'd say you're making it more difficult to get what you want because you've separated Date and Time values. Access uses midnight where a time is not stored as part of the date value. This value is a double precision type number where left of the decimal represents the number of days, and to the right, the number of seconds elapsed since midnight December 31, 1899. You are probably trying to use the hours/minutes portion of a time value that has not been recorded for a given date in your table. It makes no sense to separate these values into two fields, since in order to use them with your required precision, you have to put them together as a value that represents a number like I just described. Again, since I can't see your query, there's an additional possible problem. If your query uses the BETWEEN operator, Access defaults the second date in this situation to midnight of the day before the specified date. In other words, if you say BETWEEN some date and 06/15/2017, you get no values that you'd expect at say, 2 minutes after midnight on the 15th. You have to use the DateAdd function to add the required number of minutes/seconds to the second date, or I believe, use <= and >= operators instead of BETWEEN.
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