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    Make entries uneditable based on checkbox

    I have a secured form and i am looking to put a checkbox, or combo box for completed once checked or yes is selected then entries for that record are locked. I want to be able to enter information, leave checkbox unchecked and be able to go back and edit information. Once i hit add new button the fields for the next entry should be editable. Hope i have explained myself enough. Thanks.

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    In the form's On Current event, place a line of code similar to the following for every field you want to be enabled/disabled based on the checkbox:

    Me.FieldToTurnOff.enabled = not Me.CheckBox.Value

    You'll also want to put a line to call the On_Current event when the check is changed, otherwise, the enabled/disabled status will only be updated when you move from record to record. In the checkbox's On Change event, put something like:

    call Form_Current

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