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    Autofill Form Based on Entry in 1 Field OR Manually Enter if that field is left blank

    I am pretty new to Access, so please forgive me if I don't provide all the information I should, but I've been tasked with updating a clunky database for my company to work more as we would like for keeping track of room fixtures on construction projects.

    A little background:

    We do construction on projects where there are many rooms that need identical fixtures installed (think hospital rooms). There are also some rooms that are unique. So, we may have 3 types of hospital rooms that account for 200 rooms in a building, and then a few oddball rooms. The database is currently set up so we have to manually assign fixtures to each room one at a time.

    What I would like to do is create a new table/form that allows me to build room types. Then, when I go to assigning fixtures to rooms, I would like to EITHER assign a room type (which would consequently assign all the fixtures to it) OR be able to manually assign the fixtures if it is one of those oddball rooms.

    I've played around with this idea for about a week but with such little knowledge of how the behind the scenes stuff in access works, I'm having trouble getting the database to behave this way.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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    you'll have tables:
    tRooms, tRoomTypes, tFixtures, tRoomFixures

    all items in the tRoomTypes are filled in from tFixtures table
    Build your group in tRoomTypes

    tRoomTypes will have the 'TypeName' and all fixtures for it.
    RoomType, Fixture
    --------- -----------
    Bathroom, Pvc pipe1
    Bathroom, S pipe
    Bathroom, Bolt101

    tRoomFixures table hold all the child items in the Room

    make a form, select the room (from tRooms)
    select the RoomType: Bathroom
    a button will run an append query to add all items in tRoomType to the tRoomFixures

    RoomID, Fixture, RoomType
    A101, Pvc Pipe1, Bathroom
    A101, S Pipe, Bathroom

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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