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    Tools to learn access VBA

    Tutorials for beginners abound, but I cannot find a good source that teaches VBA for intermediate level users - especially as it refers to classes/objects. Do any of the vets on this board recall a specific book or lesson somewhere that really helped them cover ground in that area when they were learning how to go from good to great?

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    There are books on advanced vb6 programming and detailed classes.
    Its rare (if any) that you would need to build a class. Everything needed can be done via the tools access provides.

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    I do know a lot of places that like the object-oriented approach of classes.

    Here are some things I found on the internet that might help with that (the first one talks about the benefits of classes and why you may want to use them, the second looks like it has some tutorials):

    There are some other references to books out there detailing the subject which you can find doing a Google search.
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    See this link for some additional thoughts and ideas.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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